The King that Could’ve Been


Ching! Clang! Clink! Skadoosh! The sounds of Laertes and Hamlet’s swords hitting each other like a 2 ft hammer striking a dirty, rusty nail into a concrete block. Metal pieces from each sword flying around after making contact with one another. Bam! Hamlet just got struck by the poisoned tip of Laertes’ sword, which will lead to Hamlet’s downfall. What if Hamlet have lived? What if Laertes never struck him with his sword? Hamlet would’ve been able to have a chance to be king and possibly take over the throne which was owned by Claudius.  If Hamlet were still alive, he would definitely make a better king than Claudius due to the fact that he was way more intelligent, loyal, and loved by the people.


Throughout the play, one can see that Hamlet was indeed very intelligent, which would make him an excellent choice to be king instead of Claudius.

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It seems that Hamlet was the only one to notice how wrong it was that Claudius married Gertrude, his sister-in-law. His intelligence can be best shown in his ability to make others think that he is mad when he is really not. He tells Horatio, “Here, as before, never, so help you mercy, How strange or odd soe’er I bear myself ” (1.5), which further proves his devious plan to convince everyone around him that he was a mad to uncover the truth about his father’s death and what really happened. Polonius was convinced that Hamlet was mad, but knew that “there is method in’t” ( 2.2). One can also see Hamlet’s intellect through his witty remarks and play on words. Calling Polonius a “fishmonger” (2.2) and telling Polonius to “travel backward like a crab” (2.2) shows the readers that Hamlet was smart enough to play Polonius like a fool. His intelligence not only helped him figure out that Claudius was indeed the murderer of his father, but also helped confuse everybody along his journey to right the wrongdoings of Claudius. The people of America can see that President Obama is a great leader because of his intelligence. He was smart enough to graduate from Columbia and Harvard Law and was effectively able to create a health care reform law widely known as ObamaCare, which helped millions of people get access to health insurance. Hamlet’s intellect and brainpower would make him an excellent king because he would know how to help his people and his country effectively just like Obama is currently doing today.


Hamlet’s loyalty is another trait why he would be an superb king if given the opportunity.


His loyalty can be easily seen towards the beginning of the play because Hamlet agrees to avenge the death of his father. While Hamlet is talking to the ghost of his father, he swears to “wipe all trivial fond records, all saws of books, all forms, all pressures past, that youth and observation copied there” (1.5). Hamlet says that he will rid everything from his mind except the thought of killing Claudius because he still remains loyal to his father and loves him. After getting proof that his father’s ghost was telling the truth, he is able to devote all of his actions to avenge his father’s death. Earlier in the play, Hamlet asked himself why Gertrude “married with my uncle, My father’s brother” (1.2). He thought that it was disloyal of his mother Gertrude to marry Claudius, who is Hamlet’s uncle and her brother in law, after the death of her first husband. If Hamlet were in Gertrude’s position after King Hamlet’s death, he would probably stay a widow and not marry anyone else because he knows that he should be loyal to King Hamlet. Claudius can clearly be seen as disloyal because he killed his own brother to take the throne of Denmark and married his wife, Gertrude. The fact that Hamlet is more loyal than Claudius would make him a better king than him if he never died.


Hamlet’s reputation would make him a great king because he was well-loved by Denmark.


Hamlet was far more loved by his people than Claudius was that it became a problem in the play. While Claudius was talking with his attendants regarding Polonius’ death, he said that Hamlet is “loved of the distracted multitude, who like not in their judgment, but their eyes” (4.3). The people clearly love him and would be angry at Claudius if he were put into jail. In the future, when we vote for our new president of the United States, we would want to vote for a candidate that we love and can trust rather than hate and want to kill. Great leaders are loved and have full support by their own people. Who we vote for this year is who we would want as president and who we think would make a great leader. If Denmark was able to vote between Claudius and Hamlet for king, they would clearly choose Hamlet over Claudius. Hamlet was well-respected and loved by the people of Denmark, which would make him an excellent king.


Clearly, Hamlet would be a superior king than Claudius was if he never fell to the sword of Laertes. Others would say that Hamlet is too mad and crazy to be king and that he is too indecisive to be a king. They are wrong since Hamlet was just acting and pretending to be mad because it was all apart of his plan to kill Claudius. His indecisiveness would help him as king because he would have time to think about a certain issue before taking and regretting his actions. Hamlet had some flaws, but would evidently make an excellent king because he was well-informed and bright, devoted and loyal, and cherished by the people of Denmark.



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